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Tamilnet99 compatible Tamil fonts

You will be able to see the following text in Tamil once you install the Tamilnet99 fonts in your windows/fonts/ directory.

֢ ͧ!

֣Ӣ Ԣ ֢ 99 ֡ԡ آ آڪ
ݢף ըע סآ ͨ Ӣ٢ ԣ Ӯ͡١. آڪ ͨ סآ סҭ, ڡ. ͺ աء.

ͨ ծ ܢ ͣ (֢ ݢ ٢) ͧ.

ڡ ܸ ܸ آڪܴͨ סآܡ.

͢ ݢ:
ͨ͡ ա աӡ ͸

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This page was modified on March 17, 1999
This page was created on March 17, 1999.

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