How to send an e-mail in Tamil?

To send a e-mail message in Tamil, of course, you need an e-mail address. To obtain an e-mail address you need to establish an e-mail account at one of the websites. Fortunately, you can open an account free of cost. One of the favorite places to get an e-mail account is at hotmail. There are four different types of e-mail accounts.

1. Juno (no need for Internet connection, only modem and a phone connection are needed): if you have a pc equipped with a modem and you don't want to have an Internet connection then you can have a free dial-up internet account. Unfotunately this is only available in the United States.

2. Web email account: if you don't have a pc you can go to a place where they allow you to use a pc that is connected to the Net for a fee, (net cafe and similar types or libraries in the US) then, you can use the web based e-mail.

3. If you live in India and subscribe to VSNL you can have a shell account. You get to use the pine e-mail program of the host computer. You can compose a message in Mylai, copy and paste into the editor of the Pine e-mailer prgram.

4. If you have a pc and subscribe to a PPP connection with an ISP then you can have a POP 3 account using which you can download all the e-mails to your PC and send out e-mails from your own computer.

With any type of e-mail account, you can compose a message in Tamil in a standard word processor. You can then copy and paste it into the text box of any email program. You may not be able to see the message in Tamil script. But the receiving party can copy and paste back into the standard word processor and see the text in Tamil.

If you have a PPP account then you can easily compose a message in Tamil using Anjal and the built-in eudora mail. You can even run anjal and eudora from a floppy without installing them on to a PC. With anjal 2.0 and by making modification to the fixed font, you can enter Tamil messages in the e-mail programs of Netscape 4.0 and Explorer 4.0. You will see the outging and incoming Tamil messages in Tamil iteself.

Details about how to configure various programs are given here

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