At this site I hope to present information on using Tamil script in computers and on the Net. I hope you find this site a useful one to vist.

With the availability of Truetype fonts like Mylai, Inaimathi, and Anangu-anjal now it is possible to create various documents in Tamil script. Anjal Tamil enabler program allows you to send e-mails in Tamil script. With the improvement in HTML standards now it is possible to display information on the Web in Tamil script. New techniques allow you to dynamically transfer fonts and thereby obviating the need to have various Tamil fonts placed in the system directory.

With the arrival of Anjal 2.0 now it is possible to compose Tamil messages in the editor boxes of Netscape and explorere browsers. You don't have to do cut and paste. Ms chat makes it possible to chat with your friend in Tamil. Of course it is possible to post messages to the Newsgroup in Tamil script. All these developments have really made it possible and easier to do many thing in the computer and on the Net using Tamil script.

Now it is all up to you, the visitor to this site, to help in the global effort to spread the use of Tamil language all over the world. This site will show you how to get the tools, and how to use them.

1. Essential software that you must have
2. Tamil fonts
3. How to read a Tamil document, magazine or newspaper on the Net?
4. How to enter text in Tamil in a word procesor?
5. How to send an e-mail in Tamil script?
6. How to chat in Tamil? (pdf file about 300k)
7. How to create a web page using Tamil Script?
8. Want to learn "spoken" Tamil?
9. Want to learn to write in Tamil?
10.Want to look up a word in the on-line Tamil-English-Tamil dictionary?
11.Want to teach your children Tamil?
12.Tamil discusssion list
13.Project madurai (e-text archiving of Tamil literature)
14.Start off point for exploring Tamil resources on the Net
15.Software you can use to teach Tamil (non-commercial)
16.Websites maintained by Indy Ram
17.Bulletin board in Tamil
18.Tamilnet99 Tamil fonts

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