Essential software that you must have

To get fun out of the Internet you need the following essential pieces of software

These include

1. win zip

Win zip allows you to unzip zipped files. Most of the execuatable files are placed on the Net in a compressed format with the file extension zip. To uncompress it you need this program. It is a shareware program, with no nags and expiry date. you can get it from here

2. Pdf file reader

Many of the documents are placed on the Net in a format called pdf format. Documents in this form look almost like the original. However, you need to have the corresponding fonts in your system to view Inaimathi fonts. To view pdf documents you need the pdf file reader which you can get it for free from here.

Installation instructions for version 3.0

Click above to download the appropriate file to your PC.
(Know where you have told the program to be saved so you can find it later. Recommend an empty, temporary directory, not within an existing program directory. This is because you will want to delete the files when you are done installing.) The Version 3.0 files are self extracting zip files.

Go to your Windows file manager program. Find the zipped file you saved above. Double click on the file. It will unzip -- expanding itself into the installation program pieces.

Go to the unzipped files. Find the file setup.exe. Double click on this file. The program will be installed on your C: drive in a directory it generates (acrobat3). You will be asked to confirm the directory location. Accept this default location unless you know a better location for the installation. The program will ask for some user information. You may enter any name you wish -- recommend your organization name. The program will complete the installation by installing a group of icons in Windows. You may delete the original install files.

3.Realaudio player

Multimedia files which include video, sound, and animation are now available on the Net in the form of .rm files. To play these files you need realaudio player which you can get it for free from here. Look for the graphic on the left upper corner to get the freeware version.You need this program to listen to the Tamil radio stations.

4.Notepad plus

This is a neat software which can be downloaded for free from this site. It is like the standard notepad with few frills attached to it. You can open as well as create an extremely long text file with this program. It also allows you to use different fonts. With Keyman program and anangu-anjal.ttf you can use this as a good word processor. This also solves a lot of problems that you run into if you copy and paste from anjal editor to word (for printing purposes) and then back to anjal editor. All you need to do is save as a text file and bring it into this program

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