How to create Tamil documents?

Using Mylai font to create a Tamil text document

The simplest way to create a Tamil document is to use Mylai font and use any one of the standard word processors like MS Word or Wordperfect. The installation of the font is given here .The Mylai keymapping (pdf) (which key to press to produce which Tamil character is also given here.

Using Anjal Tamil enabler program to create a Tamil text document

When you run the Anjal program you will see 6 buttons namely mail,newsgroup, setup, editor, help and quit. If you select editor then you will see the text editor. On the very right hand side you will see a menu tag called murasu. If you click on murasu you will get the choice of Roman or Tamil keyboard and several keymapping option. The easiest one to use is the Anjal transliterated keymapping (please print). The advantage of Anjal is that it allows you mix up English and Tamil letters in the same line. It allows you to use one of the 5 different keymapping. It also give you the option to convert from one font to another. Once you copy the text created with this program you can paste it into the e-mailer program and send it as an e-mail message.

Using Anangu-anjal and keyman program you can use the anjal keymapping and enter Tamil text in any windows program similar to the way you do with Mylai.

The commercial version of Murasu allows you to input Inaimathi and several other fonts in any windows program

Likewise the commercial version of Tamil pad allows you to enter several forms of Anangu fonts in a special editor program called Tamil pad. The Tamil pad allows you to create so many keymapping options. You can create your own keymapping as well. It has more options than the freeware version of anjal editor

Using Keyman program you can enter Tamilnet fonts in any windows program. If you don't have any word processor, you can use notepad plus Which gives you more options like nice print options, different fonts and colors. So now you can enter Tamil text using so many different fonts in many editor programs

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