How to create Web pages in Tamil?

Everyone of us wants to publish information about ourselves, family, what we do, or publish our own writing via the medium of the web. We publish it in the form of web pages. Now a number of organizations offer to host your web pages free of cost. They allow you to use a directory off their website and allocate you some hard disk space so that you can place your web pages there. Some of these organizations include our own Tamilnet, geocities, tripod, and zoom.

To display your Tamil text, you can enter it in any standard word processor. The first line should be <font face="yourfavoritefont"> then enter the text in Tamil and then end with <font> tag. You can enter the Tamil text in Anjal ediotr or Tamil pad editor and then copy and paste into the HTML document. You can enter the text in Tamil in any HTML editor program using keyman program and anangu-anjal font. I use anangu-anjal, keyman and the HTML editor araachnophilia to create my Tamil web pages.

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