Tamil magazines

It is my feeling that most of the people downlaod anjal not to send e-mail messages but to read Ananda Vikatan, the popular Tamil magazine from TN. Yes Ananda vikatan is published on the Net in Inaimathi font. To read Ananda vikatan all you need to do is to run anjal program and minimize (click on the hyphen in the upper right hand corner) it so that it will be running in the background. Access the vikatan site by entering in the URL location http://www.vikatan.com in your browser program (either Netscape or explorer). and voila! you will see Ananda vikatan in all its glory. Lately Ananda vikatan is also available in pdf format.

However to read kumudam you don't need any fonts. Kumudam is published in gif format. Gif pictures are displayed in the browser itself.

Tamil newspapers

Each newspaper is published on the web using a different font. Usually the homepages of these papers will let you know which font your system must have to be able to read the text. They also allow you to download the font. Download the font on to your floppy and install it by clicking on start- settings-control panel-fonts-file-install font-to the a drive and to the font. You can view the installation (unzip and then read the word (version 7) document) file for Mylai font and do the same for other fonts too.

To print the document in the corresponding font, you need to go to options-general preference-fonts-proportional font- to the font that the newspaper uses.

To read the document that is placed as a pdf file you need to have the pdf file reader in your system.

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